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Looking to cast the perfect talent for your next project?

Our expert team specializes in casting services for movies, music videos, and commercials. Contact us today to find the stars that will shine brightest in your production!

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Expert Casting Services for Your Next Project

We specialize in finding the perfect talent to bring your project to life. With our extensive network and industry expertise, we ensure that every role is filled with the ideal performer, helping you create memorable and impactful content.

  • Movie Casting: Find the perfect actors to embody your characters and tell your story with authenticity and depth.
  • Music Video Casting: Discover talented performers who can bring your music to life with passion and charisma to enhance the visual experience for your audience.
  • Commercial Casting: Choose from a diverse pool of talent to represent your brand effectively and leave a lasting impression on your target audience.
  • Casting for TV Shows: From lead roles to supporting characters, we provide casting solutions that fit the unique requirements of your television production.

UrbanContour offers casting services, and more across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Atlanta, Albany, and the surrounding areas.