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UrbanContour Profile

UrbanContour has been founded by Aaron Skinner and is the Media professional company that shapes and contours your Entertainment & Business career paths through our media, casting, image development and entertainment resources.  Films & Photography are magical — they have the power to transport us to another time and place. As a creative company, this is something that has attracted us to pursue a career in this industry. We have had the chance to work on several projects around the world, but we are always looking for new opportunities to expand our horizons and develop our skill set for you.

Stay in touch for additional information about our newest work.

Throughout our lives, we are exposed to a variety of film, photography, social media, commercial, movie, television stage performances, events and much more which inspires us to pursue a career in this entertainment business or business in general. UrbanContour work ethic and love for the visual arts motivates us as professionals of this game to push for excellence by constantly developing our craft to make your story have a visual voice.
We are curious and innovative media professionals that's always working on some fascinating projects. Stay in touch to learn more about our work, or if you’d be interested in collaborating together with our company in the future.


The Los Angeles Film School

Bachelors Of Fine Arts


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